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Pre-operative instructions
      Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before surgery EXCEPT any cardiac medications with a sip of water only.
       Do not take any Aspirin, Motrin, ibuprofen, Aleve, naprosyn, naproxen sodium, or Plavix for at least 7-10 days before surgery, this will increase your risk of bleeding and possible tranfusion if you do take them.
     Do not take Coumadin for at least 4 days before your surgery. If you do take Coumadin, make certain to discuss this with your doctor so that we can determine if you need to be on a different blood thinner before and after surgery.

     You will speak with the anesthesiologist the morning of surgery, address any concerns you have about prior anesthetic issues,  postop nausea, or family history of malignant hyperthermia with them at this time.

    Write down any last minute questions that you have and bring them with you so that they can be addressed before surgery.
    Dentures, jewelry (including wedding bands and body piercings) must be removed before surgery.

   Contacts need to be removed before surgery to preventcorneal abrasions.  

     Do not bring anything to the hospital that is of value in case it were to get misplaced.  

     We try to limit your exposure to nosocomial (hospital-acquired) infections by getting you home as soon as possible. Most patients undergoing robotic and laparoscopic procedures are able to go home the same day as the surgery.
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